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Join Our 5-Day Educational Email Course to Experience the Transformative Benefits of Somatic Awareness!My name is Vanessa, and I am a professional dancer, teacher, and somatic practitioner. I would love to share some powerful tools to support you & enhance your parenting experience!

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  • A comprehensive journey into the 5 steps for parents to unlock the benefits of somatic awareness!

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  • This free email course gives you invaluable tools to manage stress, and enhance your overall well-being!

“I loved this course – it had so much rich information! And there’s a sweet surprise at the end. The course was worded so wonderfully and laid it out. Vanessa has a way of offering somatics in a really digestable way, especially as a busy parent! I highly recommend it for any parent looking to deepen their relationship to their own body and their children! ❤️"
– Brittany, Mom of a 1-Year-Old Boy

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Day 1: Unlocking Parenting Magic with Somatic Awareness!Day 2: Elevate Your Parenting with the Mind-Body Connection!Day 3 Master Stress and Elevate Emotions - Your Somatic Journey Awaits!Day 4 Strengthen Your Bond - Unleash the Power of Somatic Awareness in Parent-Child Relationships!Day 5: Elevate Your Well-Being: The Transformative Power of Somatic Self-Care!

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